Date of Event: 26 October 2014

Time: 11 am sharp as we are only allowed to reserve the field till 7pm.

Location: Tervuursevest 101, 3001 Heverlee, Belgium

Team Entry: € 150

Each team contains 10 players max.

1st prize: € 800, medals and  a grand cup obviously.

2nd prize: € 500 with medals for each players

3rd Prize: €300 with medal for each players


  • The Deadline of the submission of the entry fee and the scan/photo/photocopy of the players is September 20th 2015 before midnight.


    • Game starts at 11am sharp. All the team captains are kindly requested to report the administration with the name slip of the players and also pay the amt due for registration if that is the case.

    • For the administration purpose we also kindly request to hand over the copy of identity cards (only front part with photo is enough) of the players in your team. This is to avoid fraud in gameplay.

      To save paper, you can have multiple identity cards in one page.

    • Teams that have failed to report by time will be disqualified for their following games.

    • Each teams will get warm welcome and also will be provided with water(12x2L) and fruits. All other means such as  small tent, SPRAY and all other miscellaneous materials are to be brought by each team according to the need.

    • There is no offside rule in the game as we will be playing in a half field with 7 players and 3 players for substitute. 

    • Each Game will be 25 mins of duration with each half of 10 mins and a break of 5 minutes. Semi-final and final will be played for 15 min each with a 5 min break.

    • In group stage winning team gets 3 points and losing team gets 0 point whereas if the game results in a draw, each team will get 1 point. In semifinal and finals, extra time of 5 min each half thus 10 min in total following to a penalty shootout if the score is draw.

    • Player(s) who get 2 yellow card in a same game or a Red card  will  have to leave the field immediately and will be banned for the next 1 match.

    • No player(s) can play from 2 or many teams. Strict inspection will be carried out and if found , involved teams will be disqualified.


    As we already have 12 teams we are still waiting for next 4 teams to complete a fixture of 16 teams. So do hurry to register your team.
    For Registration contact: 
    Prakash KC :+32484064637
    Deadline for payment:15/10/2014 


    Bank details are as follows:

    ING België

    Name:Prakash K C

    Address:Toekomststraat 41, 3010 Kessel-lo,Belgium

    IBAN: BE15 3300 3864 2430


    Dont forget to write down your team name and the country in the reference/message


    - >= € 500
    -Your Company/Association Logo in Certificate
    -Certificate of gratitude
    -Banner*, handed to you after the event.


    - >= € 300
    -Certificate of gratitude


    - >= € 200
    -Certificate of gratitude